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11 Sep 2020


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This HAPPY Aloha Friday we say HAPPY Birthday to Mr Clint or as we say in Hawaii Hau’oli La Hanau.

The joy Mr Clint brings to children in his art classes and the hope his miraculous life story brings is part of what inspires this Aloha Friday Blog. (Perhaps a link here to the Mana’olana page on the website.)

Earlier this year as the calendar flipped over into January 2020 I kept getting in my spirit this is a new year, a new decade and a whole new ERA. Who could have known that 2020 would look like it does and that a SHIFT across the globe would bring such unprecendented change to communites globally. Hope is the universal gift that we can give each other in warm loving encouragement in our opportunities to connect online or if able to people in our local village. Socially distanced of course!

Our heart is to bring inspiration, hope and thought provoking insights on this Aloha Friday that usher in a warm loving presence and “HA” breath of life which is the essence of Aloha. 

Hope can lift the spirit in ways that bring peace to the heart. Today we bring a taste of wholehearted hope from the book “Only Believe, Live From The Heart” ENJOY and be blessed on this Aloha Friday. Count your blessings and direct your heart toward the small things that bring hope, peace and joy. 

Warmest Aloha,

Hope is a powerful force that purifies our soul.
1 John 3:3

When things don’t look good, hope says, “It’s all right.”
Even in the midst of the storm God gives His hope.
TD Jakes

Where Am I Now? I’m sitting on the lānai watching the sets of waves roll into the shore on the Kona coast. I hear the waves pound as I breathe in the Alo-ha and rest to the sound of the red cardinals singing and quietly chattering away in the trees, with the pungent smell of the plumerias. Oh, my goodness, those glory rays of sunshine shine down on us and over the ocean, which is sparkling and glorious. . .

Hearts that live wholeheartedly often choose to live with a crazy faith and hope that all is well and with a love that goes beyond reason.Choosing blessing becomes the focus.

“Do not let the noise of the naysayer and crowd spoil or dull the sound and call of destiny on your life,” says the heart of the wholehearted person.

It is often said to me by those who have been close to Kent on the journey, “Listen to him, listen to his heart, he has a message for you. He is our spiritual antennae.”

Oh yes, both Kent and Clint have an emotional intelligence that makes them unique. They also carry something like an ‘insider intelligence’ and message from another world that I feel only they share.

As they have both, at different times, been ‘out to it’ and had a loss of consciousness for periods of time when they, and only they, know what that it is like.

There have been times where little pieces of a story will be shared by the boys and I have intently listened to attempt to understand what they are talking about.

I believe the vibrancy and iridescence in Clint’s paintings share with us perhaps what he cannot explain or articulate.

Recently Kent confirmed that for me. Kent is beginning to share more of his experiences of his visits to heaven with me when he finds it relevant to our journey at the time