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6 Nov 2020


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On this Aloha Friday we lift our hands high toward Heaven, with great joy and gratitude, as the Miracle worker and way maker reaches down to His beloved human beings. The crowning glory of the Creator’s creation is mankind, and I do believe there has been a time out season for mankind, in this 2020 time of covid isolation, to examine our hearts and heal our planet ,if we can open our hearts to the harmony and rhythms of Grace.

The supernatural hints that we can so easily miss, if not alert to our Creator’s quiet still voice and touch, is a vertical relationship with the Creator of the Universe that helps us navigate the marathon of life and our daily relationships. 

The healing mana or power in the spirit exists with Aloha and a harmony we experienced, in the Aloha shared to help and to heal and open our hearts even more so, to receive and give back and share the healing received. 

The Hawaian Islands and the medical center that saved our son, Kent’s life, is a legacy of Aloha and Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV; whose heart was to provide in perpetuity quality health care services to improve the well being of Native Hawaiians and all of the people of Hawai’i. It was their heart and generosity of heart; withKing Kamehameha IV having said

“The kindness aforethought and a long-sighted legacy of love toward those who need other hands than their own to smooth their restless pillows” (King Kamehameha,1860)That kindness and Aloha extended to our Ohana,we are  forever grateful for, and aware of the Heavens reaching down to our son with miraculous healing.

This Aloha Friday I am aware that the Creator of the Heavens and earth, again reached down with Grace and Aloha and agape Love to heal and restore.  I share a story this week of miraculous healing and the supernatural touch that came in the early hours of the morning as the near full moon shone on the Pacific ocean in an awesome glow like a clear pathway home. As I awoke and stood at the window in awe of the amazing sight of the moon glowing on the ocean, I spoke in thankful words reminding our Creator of the miracles in Kent’s body. I had struggled all day the day before to move, as I had a tightened back that only allowed very limited movement. As I stood there at the window talking to my maker, the Creator of the Universe, I asked for His healing touch as I lay my hands on my back, asking simply to heal and free the tightened muscles, surrendering it all to the Heavens. Knowing that in and of myself, I could not heal and yet surrendered my needs to the Heavens and went back to a sound sleep. Upon waking in the morning I awoke to a full range of movement and a ‘WooHoo’ of grateful joy and thanksgiving for the amazing Grace and agape love that in some supernatural way was restored and healed!

All I know is that in faith, and by Grace as I rest and trust in the rhythms of Grace, HE has freely blessed us with a rest and peace to heal. Mahalo Ke Akua or Thank you Lord is what we say in the islands as gratitude for the blessings so freely given by Grace,

How come  Hawai’i, and why Queens Medical Center? It is all part of the canvas and tapestry the Grand Creator and master weaver is painting and weaving with our lives, to share as a love language of encouragement. At times Hawai’i is like an open Heaven undisturbed in the middle of the Pacific and isolated from the chaos of the worldly ways.Age old practices from the ancient wayfinders who looked to the Heavens to find their way to the Hawaiian islands, who saw the supernatural signs and wonders to navigate their outrigger canoes to land in the Hawaiian islands. Back then and now we are still looking to the stars and moon to navigate life as wayfinders, for some of us our spirit is more in tune with this supernatural love language given to us by our Creator than anything else. As a girl raised on the land, I am so grateful for the awesome Creation we get to enjoy every day as the sun rises each morning, a fresh start and clean canvas, mercy and Grace anew each day. 

From previous blogs you can see the love of the moon shining on the Pacific Ocean and the daily reset button of beautiful sunrises are a joy and pleasure to behold given to us by our Creator as a gift. 

On this Aloha Friday ENJOY the beautiful Creation surrounding you, be it a sunrise, or glorious sunset it is a peace filled way to hit the refresh button for the heart and brain.

Blessings abundant and Happy Aloha Firday!