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4 Dec 2020

Tradewinds From Heaven

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This Aloha Friday we are in the week of celebrating IDPWD International Day for Celebrating Ability in People with Disability.

And, on this Aloha Friday we celebrate the book published by Kent Doyle and released on 5th December.

A celebration of one young man’s story of his trip to Heaven and back…

It is best described, and he is best appreciated for his ability and gift, on the About Author page by Shaula Tualaulelei

One word comes to mind when I think of Kent Doyle. It is Legacy. He has embraced life with such passion, love, light and Aloha.  His misery became his ministry, His pain became his passion, His messages were from all the messes, and his testimony, were from all the tests throughout his lifetime.

What is Legacy? Doing the right thing, for the right reasons, to last a lifetime. Kent has definitely filled that deep space that I’ve witnessed for others in fulfilling emptiness and loneliness. His ability to light up a room, someone’s heart, and smiling faces is a true gift of compassion.  Its rippling effect on others has impacted a lot of people in creating their Legacy. It is not something too huge but something he did regularly. Legacy is one thing that ripples out for a long time.

As you read this book created by a talented Author, allow Kent, in Blowing the BREATH of LEGACY over your Lifetime. What will your Legacy be?

On this Aloha Friday Please consider some time to sit and ponder and meditate upon Shauls’s questions about destiny.

Happy Aloha Friday.