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11 Dec 2020

Tradewinds From Heaven Part 2

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This Aloha Friday we would like to share with you what the book description is from the recent book launch of the above book by Kent Doyle – Tradewinds From Heaven.

Heidi White has best given us a peek into the theme of the book and invites one to explore the opportunity to look at what it would be like to take a glimpse of Heaven.

Her writing best illuminates that for us with what she has to share …..

Begin to prepare to go on a journey of the Spirit as you read Kent’s Heaven Book.

Find out about your true self when you realize that death of your cherished loved one is such a beginning for them and you… when you realize they are NOT gone at all. Yes, that’s right, they are not gone, but there for you to continue to have Joy (not grief) for.

Knowing Kent’s words have been validated many times over by others blessed enough to experience what Kent has experienced. Swim with Kent in a heavenly perfect body surrounded in glory and in the company of those who have passed on and are there waiting for your timing.

Come and experience the transformational Joy and learn of the unconditional love and protection of your own angels whom surround us continually. Mahalo Kent, Thank you for sharing your manao, your wisdom of our present and our future.

Heidi White, Entrepreneur Kailua Kona, Hawaii