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30 Oct 2020

The Shared Aloha

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As we follow our HEART for such a time as this and share the ALOHA spirit it is with great joy!

The positive vision of HOPE is about rising to the challenge to inspire and shift hearts out of covid fatigue and fog

Our heart to ‘keep the faith’ is inspired by a miracle working Creator and way maker whose ancient paths and unstoppable LOVE and Grace guides our way forward.

The legacy of Aloha, the Hawaiian Queens and royalty have left their people (and the world) is palpable in the unique spirit present in the Hawaiian islands.

Queen Lilli’uokalani’s akamai (smart, clever, expert) writings have been an inspiration to be able to read and glean wisdom. Her courage, inspired spirit and intuition really spoke with wisdom of what we most need to hear at this time in human history.

Queen Lilli’uokalani’s writings really make clear to the HEART ready to hear that ….. “There would come a time where the world would be in need of healing”

Here we are right at that juncture near the end of 2020 and many are jungry for thw ‘HA’ breatb of life given in the shared spirit of Aloha. Our heart is to share the ALOHA spirit with those whose hearts are open to receive.

Blessings on this Aloha Friday and ENJOY the shared Aloha as we reach out in warm loving kindness with hands and hearts to help.