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28 Aug 2020


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“The Choice to Shift” is the power in life we have to live with joy. The SHIFT can bring much needed HOPE to our world right now.

Is there currently a dual pandemic? And is it of fear and anxiety? Along with the medical conditions sweeping the world right now?

WE are not made of a spirit of fear, we are made of a spirit of power, love and of a sound mind. And with wise choices and reasonable precautions for the real medical issues at hand, we can make the choice to SHIFT the pandemic of fear that may attempt to enter our homes and our HEART.

It may appear to be a small choice to make a SHIFT, be it in attitude, yet choices in a more positive direction in attitude, of what one chooses, can be critical at times like we are living in. That SHIFT may be a small shift in the attitude of heart. For some attitude is a little blip on the radar of life and yet it can be everything to another.

Back in the days of hockey coaching and being mentorered by an Olympic Hockey Coach I recall his repeated encouragement:

“Attitude may be a small thing to a talented player, but let me assure you a player with 95% attitude and only 5% skill is more valuable to a coach than the most talented. As I remember being mentored, attitude is key to being able to outlast, outplay and outgrow the most talented player in the team.”

Attitude is a small thing and yet can make ALL the difference in the world. It is a SHIFT of attitude to any life challenge encountered that can make or break a situation.

Having enxperienced and seen some highs and deep lows and interesting twists and curves and challenges in life I have to agree that when nothing else makes sense having the attitude to address life with the choice to make a positive attitude SHIFT and the attitude to determine in my heart to keep an unrelenting faith to believe “All things are possible” – THE SHIFT that makes all the difference!

That is a decision and choice every day to make the choice and SHIFT if needed toward a more positive approach.

Is that easy? Oh not always and yet I am consistently aware of the role model with the shift in attitude and opportunity to bless and heal and lift others out of dark places that I know only too well that can be overwhelming and difficult. AND that is WHY I choose to SHIFT the heart attitude and atmosphere with the faith to believe all things are possible.

We have been encouraged by our Creator ….. ‘to fight the good fight of faith’ …. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and things not seen.

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe is the back story and history behind the resilience and faith to believe all things are possible and to consistently believe in the miraculous. It is an unrelenting determined tenacity that really connected with the way of Aloha and the Magnificient Matriach role models of Aloha, the Hawaiian Queens who were a tremendous example of Resilience with the ability to SHIFT with the times, maintain their intergrity and keep the faith.

The Big Island of Hawai’i is an island alive with mana (power in the spirit) with an active volcano at the south end of the island and Mauna Kea, the largest mountain mass on the planet, on the north end of the island.

An island fondly known as an island of fire and ice. The island hosts 11 of the worlds 13 ecosystems and is a living example of an incredible Creator whose Creative hand affords mankind the blessing to shift and change just as this landscape at the south end of the island does so.

With the deepest layers of lava still cooling from lava flows of recent years, Hawai’i island is the youngest land on the planet. And having been born on the continent that is the oldest land on the planet it amazes my heart and brain how a Loving Creator can provide such a rich diverse environment for us on planet earth to choose to SHIFT and thrive and reset our heart and brain as needed.  

Phew, ooh too deep for some? And such a lot to digest and yet really a natural part of who we as human beings have been created to be – alive – and able to SHIFT and reset and renew as our Creator created us to be – Creative!

Have we lost touch in a world that was running too fast?

Did we need a time to recalibrate and renew and hit the reset button in these times of isolation? To SHIFT in the directrion of HOPE, Faith, Love and ALOHA – warm loving affection.

Our heart on this Aloha Friday is to take time to just BE with your loved ones and HEART! To review amd to perhaps reset and if necessary SHIFT and perhaps test the waters on this Aloha Friday. What might a SHIFT toward that warm loving affection of Aloha can bring into your day and life.


Blessings dear friends and may the warm loving affection of Aloha be with you on this Aloha Friday.