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19 Mar 2021


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Yes to live with great HOPE of the heart in today’s world of unprecendented challenges and change, takes an audacity that is like the mana’olana of the spirit.
Mana’ olana?

What is that you may ask ~ Mana’olana in Hawaiian means in the spirit of faith, hope and confidence.

It means the spirit of the person is like a light and hope for those around them as the daring audacity to hope in the most challenging circumstances can lift the vibration of others and the atmosphere around them.
Lifting that vibration is critical to healing and the joy that can so quickly SHIFT the atmosphere and the climate of any situation.

It is okay to HOPE fotr the best! When one has big hopes and dreams it often takes audacious courage.

Life is so worth living and every breath is an opportunity to see the blessing and to take brave steps forward in faith, to ONLY believe that the steps of faith, open doors that no man or woman can close!
As we give our ALL we can activate so much forward momentum as we march forward, and yet giving our all and surrendering the outcome to the Creator of the universe can bring such freedom and peace. It brings miles of smiles to those in the nearby vicinity.
What a breath of fresh air that can be to the weary soul with a heavy heart!

There are many with weary souls and heavy hearts ~ I have heard the term covid weary used by some mental health professionals at the end of 2020 and early 2021.
Yes and a very simple and easy antidote to that condition might be something as simple as looking carefully for the blessings around us with a grateful heart, and a smile and cheery ~ hello or Aloha ~!
A smile is a universal language that cuts through all language and cultural barriers!

A smile also brings with it a youthful glow and shift in chemicals to the brain! It is a pivot for the person with the big smile!
And a good hearty laugh kicks those endorphins into the system and lifts our spirit to that higher vibration of operation.
That SHIFT in physiology is a simple solution that has no cost and no need of the big pharma belief that medication is the only answer!


It is such a very simple thought and intention to please consider the above in our daily living to bless those around us ~ SMILE!

It is this simple living, kinds words and gentle loving hand reaching out to others that ushers in the small miracles, that begin to build the momentum toward the miraculous extraordinary moments ~ where we can pull down the ~ as it is in Heaven on earth.
The internationally well known prayer that begins ~
Our Father ~ who art in Heaven …..
On earth as it is in Heaven …..

Our young resilience coach Kent, informs us, as a team that ~
As it is in Heaven ~ we have seen nothing like it on earth ~ the LOVE in Heaven ~ nothing like it on earth, he says!!!!!
And yet a few small pivots and shifts in the heart could perhaps usher in a little of Heaven perhaps? On your piece of earth.

Take a look at the Heaven book ~ Tradewinds from Heaven ~ a few blogs back around December 2020.

Mahalo Kent, Thank you for sharing your mana’o, your wisdom of our present and future! says Heidi, Entrepeneur, Hawai’i

“We see and know so little of the realm Kent has been desribing to us. It is a challenge to comprehend what our mere human minds struggle to see. How can we even begin to cimprehend something as it is in Heaven, when for our Creator says ‘a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day! ‘
That alone as Kent says blows our brains out!

I dare you today to live with that audacious hope and faith to ONLY believe.
Surprise someone today and give them a big cheerful smile or even just try it yourself, think about a happy memory and see how the smile appears on your face, and lifts your spirit to a higher vibratiobn. It cost nothing other than a few quiet moments and is such a healthy pivot for yourself and those in your world.

YES ~~ Life is for Living with Aloha and well worth living with a smile, an audacious hope and a dream that dares to dream BIG!

Blessings to you and your Ohana today and remember to smile :):):)

Our Hawaiian word today is Mana’olana ~ which means in the spirit of faith, hope and confidence.

Hui Hou until we meet again