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26 Jun 2020

Resilient Hearts

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“Aloha Welcome to Hawaii“, is the first thing one sees as flights taxi into Honolulu airport. The fragrance of Aloha is immediate with warm smiles, a fragrant plumeria lei, to greet the visitor to the islands or welcome Home Ohana (family), and residents from all over the globe who call Hawai’i home. Once a meeting place of the east and west. Today a melting pot of many cultures living in harmony. The indigenous Hawaiian people so resilient and beautiful in the expresiions of love of Ohana with great heart to grow the legacy of Aloha, down into the younger generations. Our great love is the youth of Hawai’i, for the future is in the youth!

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Aina i ka Pono (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)

A sacred respect and honor to the land and as many Hawaiians have said to us;  “As we respect and care for our land (aina), the land takes care of us” – so true. We get to enjoy the fruits of our labor as we steward the land well. Our hearts love the blessing the land has given us in the organic food we have enjoyed and we have learned much from the Hawaiian way, as we live by Faith and learn the ‘HA’ breath of life and rhythms of Aloha. I attempt to convey in word the palpable heartfelt experience of Aloha …..

What if we lived a BREATH at a time?

Often we do not even notice our breath – catch yourself today – STOP – take a deep breath – Live like today – is your last day – BREATHE in the ‘HA’ BREATH of life, TOUCH the ground, WALK the beach and BREATHE – ALO ‘HA’

The picture from 2015, Mr Clint’s art class with youth(Highschoolers) inspired to paint from ‘the heart’ with aloha and using natural elements like coconut recycled materials. It was Queen Emma who inspired us with a commitment we made a decade ago; to serve the Hawaiian children.  As it was THE HOSPITAL(QUEEN’S MEDICAL CENTER) she built, that helped to save Kent’s life from a major heart trauma.