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31 Jul 2020

Resilient Hearts Part One

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“For as a man (or woman) thinketh, so is he …” Proverbs 29:7  

Resilient hearts can bring joy to life so that Life truly is for living to the fullest with Aloha, no matter the circumstances. Seen countless times in one young man whose life is miraculous, joy has created for him a resilient heart.  His picture is seen here with this blog.

Many a time I have sat in one of my favorite spots on the Big Island of Hawaii on the rocks of the Keauhou Bay looking up at the mountain and across the water in the bay. Having enjoyed many a refreshing and rejuvenating swim, paddle board or paddle in an outrigger canoe, in the luscious warm waters of the Keauhou bay, it has often been like a renewal and refreshing baptizing dunk in the Pacific ocean for fresh new beginnings.  

Keauhou means new beginnings and often I have found these moments for myself, ohana (family), coaching clients and our team has taken us quantum leaps into a new phase or season in life. And yet the key has been to engage the heart with the brain as it goes through its renewal.

This bay is where Kamehameha III was stillborn, revived by the Kahu, and the “HA” (Hawaiian breath of life) was breathed back into newborn Kamehameha III.

I have seen many a person coached in their sacred moments of resfreshing renewal, find their feet again to be able to go on with life, refreshed with a resilient heart to live.  

As change so often happens in life for us all, actually the one constant we can be sure of is change! To pray our way through to the next season, phase and level, no matter what requires persistent faith that pushes through to resilience! So often the brain is in need of a renewing of the mind as the heart grows in resilience and is engaged in the faith adventures for the dreams and destiny ahead. To say; “Head keep quiet, as the heart takes the steps of faith…” is a good start.

Dreams can sometimes need adjustment and re-focus to get us to our destiny. Decision is what makes a HUGE difference as trauma can take its toll, particularly if it occurs again and again! Prayerful meditation, writing, dancing and singing with a good dose of Pacific ocean elixir have been my best vitamin mix. I often say when in need of refreshing – “All I need is my vitamin sea!”  

In contending for faith and living by faith, not by sight, the mind can grow weary of the chorus of critics and naysayers, renewing the mind does help.

How does it help? It assists in getting rid of garbage that gets dumped in our mind AND most importantly when we get rid of that garbage by renewing our mind every day. Just as we shower to clean up and eat every day to energize us; our minds needs consistent renewal each day towards thoughts that are aligned to our destiny, thoughts that are positive and life giving.   

Take time to enjoy your Aloha Friday – perhaps committ your heart to make the move toward a Resilient Heart