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7 Aug 2020


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“Hope is a powerful source that purifies our soul” 1John 3:3

Neuorscience and study of the heart/brain connect know that the brain coordinates eveything for us. It is therefore a paramount priority for us to keep our our brain refreshed and renewed so one can stay inspired to create, dream and let go of the grief and trauma life can so often present.

On this Aloha Friday to help navigate our way forward toward a life of abundant peace and joy perhaps try a walk near the ocean if possible, or smell the fragrance of the flowers or greenery surrounding your home. So important for our heart and what is in our heart produces thoughts. Do you remember last weeks opening quote?

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” – Proverbs 23:7

I have discovered that as the heart thinks it produces thoughts that create faith, hope and love; or fear and anxiety. As our heart thinks it develops a system for the accumulated thoughts and experiences sorted through by our brain. The transportation of these thoughts and experiences affects our heart rhythms and this is what I mean when I’m talking about the heart/brain connection.

To me it is common sense and yet I am learning it is new to some. The life experience with my sons, Clint and Kent, and their heart situations brought this discovery, insight and ephinany directly into our home over a number of years and decades. As the heart (pu’uwai in Hawaiian) thinketh, it affects all the organs of our body and our general health and well being. Hence, what we feel in our gut (na’au in Hawaiian) is so often a good indicator of perhaps what we know deep down needs to be renewed or reset or refreshed! Much is written now about toxic thinking, words and attitudes and how it affects our bodies in not so good ways.

Have you ever heard any one say, “It’s in the cells?” Yes, the experience may be so deep that trauma may be deep in cells and a trigger can shut down a person to fear that is paralyzing them to the point of unconscious actions. I like to say “Living or walking around dead to life” with breath of life. Or do we choose to live igniting faith, hope and love to be engaged in a conscious living from the heart, which is life giving to our heart and soul. Having seen both and understanding the imprinting that occurs when a child, it can play a significant role on emotions and behaviors expressed understood or misunderstood later in adult life.

Often to overcome the paralyzing fear, mindsets need to be altered, removed or transformed for new revelations. Often the new approaches are necessary to bring a shift to mindsets and the way of living and being. It has been the faith, hope, prayer and loving Aloha, and luscious moments of baptizing swims, paddles and canoe paddles that have seen miracles in the lives of many. The mana (power in the spirit) that has facilitated significant healing and renewal in the Keauhou Bay, that place of new beginnings, a healing sanctuary where I love to meet with my Maker. This has grown a resilient heart.

Our Aloha Friday’s are intended to be a moments of inspiring thought provoking, and perhaps paradigm shifting prompts? Our prayer is to help shift old limiting ways and beliefs for your heart and mind to discover a shift that could be more lifegiving than experienced ever before. To truly know and experience resiliently positive movement forward in life be kind to your heart and live with Aloha.

Happy Aloha Friday and blessings abundant to you and your Ohana family.