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20 Nov 2020

Resilient Heart Joy

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Before we left to establish our life in Hawai‘i in December 2009, I stood at the western gate of Perth where my fore bearers five generations earlier first stepped ashore as early settlers in Western Australia. I prayed for healing in our boys and a revival in them that would inspire many people to see these stories of another world and have such a powerful, forevermore message of hope and faith for all.

As I stood wearing my purple Hawaii beach towel as a prayer shawl against the limestone wall on the beach in Western Australia with my back to the sinking sunset, I looked up the hill and saw a healing sight for me Fremantle Hospital. The indigenous Australians used that location where I prayed as a meeting place, and I honored that.

Its just as this new location in Keauhou Bay is a place of prayer for me where I love spend time healing. It is where I meet with my Maker; and it is of huge significance to the indigenous people in these islands, the
Hawaiians. It is a shift from the westernized mindset, which often does not relate to the indigenous way of many native people around the world. And ye there is so much richness when we can all work together. Daniel Kikaw states this beautifully in his book Perpetuated in Righteousness The Journey of the Hawaiian From Eden (Kalan i Hauola) to the Present Time as he talks about the author Don Richardson who writes much about how God used people he met to change his perspective.

Don writes, “Many missionary efforts have ended in miserable failure because of unconscious cultural prejudice and insensitivity. Let us humble ourselves and repent of our sins of cultural prejudice. One true God of all people created them in His image and, because of His great love for them.

I realized long ago while working with a group of migrant women who, I believe, taught me more than I was teaching them. I learned that thinking differently from a new perspective is good for the heart and soul and brings us into a zone of understanding how gifted and talented each one of us is created to be in our own unique calling and destiny.