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14 Aug 2020


“People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” – (1 Samuel 16:7)

The motives and pure intentions of the heart are precious and worth far more than gold. People see the outward appearances, but the Lord sees the heart. In a hurting world under the pressure of massive change and searching for answers, those whose heart is set toward the care and concern of those in need, is sweetly satisfied with the simple rhythms of daily life and its blessings.

It is THE matters of the heart that truly matter; amid the chaotic news of world affairs, that we as humanity are daily digesting. To look toward the heavens and outward to how we can help our fellow man/woman is the best innoculation one can administer to facilitate healing for hearts in recovery from grief and trauma.

Where does one even begin to send out the heartfelt love, Aloha and prayer for so many experiencing grief and tragic trauma in some parts of the globe. From Beirut to India, from the Pacific to the European union and our westernized countries across the globe, so many in need it can be overwhelming and yet there is Creator who we can turn our hearts toward Him with HOPE.

Looking Heavenward for the most supernatural help in heartfelt prayer for each other. Starting with those closest to us. One young man often says with his pure hearted way of looking at life – “It’s not hard to be kind you know, what if people can just be kind?”

It was the simple hearfelt warm loving kindness that swept us off our feet upon arriving in Hawaii with the warmth of the Aloha spirit. On this Aloha Friday perhaps share and show some warmth and kindness to those closest to you in your household. Or pehaps a neighbour, a frontline worker in the community or even a stranger.

So often to have great heart is to bring a warm kind smile or deed from the heart. The best of love is an example in kind actions. Forgiveness and (ho’oponopono reconciliation) is a good start to build a bridge if needed and living with the warmth of loving kindness no matter what life throws your way. It is like a contagion, that is a good contagion of warmth, love, kindness  that can bring a healing JOY filled atmosphere that can blast away any darkness.

Light dispels the darkness

The human heart has a great capacity for resilience and a great capacity to grow when active warmth and loving kindness are put into action. To give with great heart and soul is a healing balm for the people on the receiving end as much as it is a healing elixir for the giver.

Queen Lillioulkalanai’s said in a quote found in the epilogue of the book : “The Betrayal of Lillioukalanai:Last Quuen of Hawai’i 1958-1907 by Helena G. Allen

ALOHA is an action, not a reaction. It is a natural response of respect, love and reciprocity, not a contrived sense of motions and expressions that have been rehearsed and perefected for a commercial expectatiaon.

ALOHA is to be the presence of life, to share the essence of one’s being with openness, honesty and humility.

On this Aloha Friday, give it a go share the Aloha and grow resilience of heart in matters of the heart, love and live and grow. Much Aloha. 

HAPPY Aloha Friday