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8 Jan 2021

New Year NEW Era part 2

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A New Year and NEW Era means a significant SHIFT in heart / brain connects and a good long look at Heart attitudes.
While the outside circumstances might not change a great deal, if the attitude of heart is in a good healthy place it can cause us to rise above the circumstances and situation at hand!

Are you a champion of HOPE to those around you or wet blanket, with words and thoughts coming through to your loved ones and people in our sphere of influence?
Yes we can make it look all so good with a few keystrokes of the device in our hand and then turn and snap at those who are really living life with us. A SHIFT is all about an “all in” HEART to see the best and only believe the BEST, and that attitude of heart can be the lifter and riser of ALL ships on the sea of our world.
That too can be the vibrational resonance that brings in the SHIFT and breakthroughs with new levels of next level breakthrough that can only be described as MIRACULOUS!

Why am I so passionate about ALL this mumbo jumbo as some have called it, in the past, as I share with great excitement and enthusaism. It has been over the past few years and decades that I have watched and observed ships sink or rise with the tide of the positive or negative attitudes in the realm and sphere of influence. Have you ever been in a room when a bright spark and vibrant person enters the room? Yes I have many joyful memories of such and their heart attitude and spirit just lifts the vibration and energy of the room. AND I have also seen and experienced that person who pretends to smile and be there with good intentions and yet the HEART attitude saps the enegy out of the rooom and it almost leaves a “stinkin’ thinkin’ odor and toxic trail behind it.

WHY mention such in a blog speaking of a NEW Era and New year? Especially where there is a great need for SHIFT and niraculous marvelous signs and wonders in current affairs around the globe ….. In case you haven’t noticed the world needs more of us with a Heart attitude to lift the heart and souls and spirits of our fellow human beings with not just ordinary mumbo jumbo guru talk. This is about bringing an awareness of what a difference a day makes and what a difference that day can be when there is a SHIFT in heart attitudes for the best to inspire and bring hope, love and shalom peace. To be THE difference maker in a situation brings the greatest joy and hope to not only others, for your self and ohana as well.

What we most need as human beings is an EXTRAordinary and outstanding Positive VISION of HOPE with a vibrational resonance that goes Beyond the Limit, of the current here and now, that lifts ALL ships with tides with HIGH HOPEs, encouraging dreams that launch people into the destiny they have been born for. It is with healthy, blessed expectation to see the supernatural lift that can propel us forward into an ‘all things are possible year and future for the coming decade and New Era ahead.

Thst is what I love most about the Aloha spirit – it is a spirit that is full of love and joyful caring encouragement and a warm loving affection for fellow human beings that gives with great Heart and mana (power in the spirit).
On this Aloha Friday we say …..