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15 Jan 2021

NEW Era New Year Part 3

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This Aloha Friday as we continue to inspire about the New Year NEW Era, I look to the Hawaiian Queens who even though challenged in many ways, inspired their people and today a culture so resilient I do believe we have much to learn from the Hawaiian way finder ways.

As I quote from the book “Only Believe, Live From the Heart” on page 84 qnd 85:

“Queen Emma’s life and story adorn the walls and corridors of Queens Medical Center on O”ahu.
While I was there for countless days and weeks, I loved reading all the history. I gained much inspiration from wandering through the halls and reading about her heart and passion for the Hawaiian people.

Due to her dilignece to make sure that no one would miss out on medical care and attention, Kent has been kept alive and taken care of by the Queens Medical Center.

Queen Lilli’oukalani’s writings have really inspired me and made my heart sing. To know that I am here in Hawai’i for such a time as this. I never hold that lightly but with heartfelt faith and hope for what the Lord will show us next, what a blessing!
The akamai (smart, clever, expert) of Queen Lilli’oukalani and her heart for women, children and her beloved Hawai’i inspire me today.

Queen Lilli’oukalanai says in her wirtings: “There would come a time when the world would look to Hawa’i for healing”. I believe that time is here and very near.
It is other women who have added light to the flame of the torch that I carry to share the light and love in my heart with those I encournter every day. U have been able to shed the light abroad that has filled my heart with the love that comes from Above and gives me “Life that is for Living” with joy, blessing and aloha,.

I am also aware that I need to shed the baggage of what could be holding me down and back. To close the door on my past for good and walk forward into my purpose and destiny for the greater good and higher calling.

“Life is for Living with Aloha” is how I intend to live out my days.

And for you my friend reading this blog may you too look at the past year and decade with a grateful heart, focus on all the blessing and appreciate the lessons learned to go forward and forge ahead in faith to ONLY Believe, All things are possible.

HAPPY ALoha Firday to you and your Ohana