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22 Jan 2021

NEW Era New Year Living WholeHEARTedly

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As we look ahead into this New Year and NEW Era and decade it is helpful at this time to reflect back on the lessons learned and gift and blessings of the past year, years and decade(s).
It is good for the heart to reflect before establishing the new vision and to help one live wholeheartedly with reflection on the blessings with a gratitude of heart. Being aware that the lessons learned can perhaps give us hope to forge ahead in faith with an improved wisdom and grace to embrace new opportunities being presented. As it is that hope that can give us a refreshed vision as a ‘positive vision of hope’ purifies the soul and gives our heart and brain a reassurance that it is going to be ‘alright’.

Even when the storm is a pandemic completely out of our control it is good to have a hope that lifts our spirit and a dream that can be pursued no matter what. These are unprecendented times that are rarely seen and after reading a birthday article in the local newspaper from a 108 year old lady and veteran of life her advice was….. After two world wars, an economic depression more than once and now being alive to live through this pandemic her words of encouragement were to”
“Not to give up the hope that things can and will get better”
Perhaps that is why the lady living to 108, for so long, with a vibrant healthy heart attitude has had the resilience to stay the course of life, and to focus on the positives of life. Choosing to see the blessings as a positive focus.

As I quote from the Chapter “Hearts That Live Wholeheartedly” in the book: “Only Believe, Live From the Heart” (Page 87)

“Hearts that live wholeheartedly often choose to live with a crazy faith and hope that all is well and with a love that goes beyond reason. Choosing blessing becomes the focus.
“Do not let the noise of the naysayers and the choir of critics and crowds spoil or dull the sound and call of destiny on your life,” says the heart of the wholehearted person.

It is often said to me by those who have been close to Kent on the journey, “Listen to him, listen to his heart, he has a message for you. He is like our spiritual antennae!”
Oh yes, both Kent and Clint have an emotional intelligence and spiritual antennae that makes them unique. They also carry something like an ‘insider intelligence’ and message from another world that I feel only they share.
As they have both, at different times, been ‘out of it’, and had a loss of consiousness for periods of time when they, and only they, know what that is like.

I believe the virbancy and iridescence in Clint’s paintings share with us perhaps what he cannot explain or articualte.
Rectly Kent confirmed that for me. Kent is beginning to share more of his experiences of his visits to heaven with me when he finds it relevant to our journey at the time.”

In writing this blog I can see how this is a beautiful segue into the word of encouragement that has come with the wind SHIFT.
That wind SHIFT is what we will encourage, inspire and inform our readers about next week. It is about the ‘insider intelligence’ of another world and message from another world and place that is like a hidden kingdom drawing us more than we would know or understand as human beings. Might this 2020 wind SHIFT none of us saw coming be like an opportunity of a lifetime to bring the culture of that place to our homes and lives? ENJOY this Aloha Friday with your loved ones and Ohana.

HAPPY Aloha Friday – blessings and warmest Aloha