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12 Mar 2021


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As we march forward in March I encourage the reader to forge ahead in faith and to ~

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

What is that all about?
To BE NOT afraid, and to ONLY Believe!
It is that feeling deep in our gut, to not be afraid, or as the Hawaiian would say to feel it in our na’au, the word for our gut!
Our na’au is that gut feeling or instinct or intuition. AND to understand in our brain that we can have Faith of the Heart that nothing is going to bend or break you! OR stop you from following your heart and forging ahead with faith to keep the dream and vision alive!

Believe, a word of great power when fully understood, to believe is to have faith and confidence in the existence of things not seen and yet felt in the depth of our heart and being. The book of Hebrews tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen ….. and I dare to add ….. YET!!!

Believe, is a word we may not face unless confronted with the reality and need to activate what we have behind our ‘belief’.

How often do we cruise along in life not realising the gift each day is and each breath is to us?

How do we live? Is it with heart and soul or do we linp along to the hum drum of medicority?

In the book “Be Not Afraid, Only Believe”, the story in the book will take you on a journey where everyday people are rocked to their core and tossed out of their comfort zone of mediocrity, to be stretched and grown ….. To … BE Not Afraid ….. AND to ONLY Believe …..was their choice!

This book is the journey and the step by step process toward TRUST, and BELIEF. As you journey with the author, it is her desire that HOPE will emerge in your heart and soul for what you need to BELEIVE for in life …..

No matter where your life is, the hope is that you will be inspired, uplifted and challenged to live – really live life and Be Not Afraid (alarmed, frightened, reluctant of circumstances) and to ….. ONLY BELIEVE.

Yes life is for living and it is the author who believes that life is here for us to suck the marrow out of life and really take up the challenge that life is for living with abundance. That is what we are created for ~ keep the faith of the the heart!
Become a champion of HOPE and battle with passion for your dream and vision!

Our most indestructible weapons for that battle are faith, love and hope.
In a world that places labels, limits and restrictions on us, it takes courage to stand up and BE counted and defy the odds as a trailblazer, blazing a trail with your dream and/or vision.

Let’s see the ability ~ let’s ONLY BELIEVE in the possiblities and let’s kick fear out the door and begin the process of peace of the heart as we reconcile with our maker to wake up every day and give it our very best shot. AND if we slip or fall over, get up again and trust that HIS Grace is greater than any of our efforts or mistakes or messes we make along the way.

I believe in you the reader and believe there is a ton of potential in you that is untapped, every scraped knee and fall is part of the learning curve and process of connecting with our Creator and getting there in growing our trust muscle to ONLY BELIEVE!

Let’s leave the labels behind and let the past be past!!! Remember we spoke last week about the jet fuel to get take off!!!
Do NOT be afraid, and do not let the isolation of lockdowns and restrictions steal your dreams, time to be resourceful and find a way. There is a way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper waiting for you to call on his name and ask for help!

BE the irrestibile magnet of faith, hope and love in your world! Live with irrestible love and passion to be the difference maker.

HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY ~ Share the love and aloha this Aloha Friday!

Our Hawaiian word this week is Na’au ~ means instinct, a person’s gut level feelings and intuition.