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5 Mar 2021


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Before I dive into this week’s blog I was asked recently so what does this heart – brain connect really mean anyway?
It means that our thoughts and mindsets greatly affect our attitude of heart and that is a key to enjoying life and having a happy reslient heart.
For out of the heart flow the issues of life! One can put on a good show, yet if the motivations of the heart are not pure – it is not a time of peace in the heart and not good! It is vital to guard our heart and develop awareness of our motivation of heart.

If one has a healthy heart – brain connect a heart strong life of joyful vitality and reslient abundance will emerge.
A healthy heart is a happy heart at peace and is a peacemaker willing to make all things pono and lay aside every weight!
In Hawai’i we talk about pono or ‘making all things right in the situation’. Ho’oponopono is about saying I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me and Mahalo or thank you for the blessing you are!

And most importantly if the attitudes of the heart are not well connected to healthy mindsets then it can have a very dangerous affect on the physical health and well being in the heart and brain. It is not just about what we eat and drink! The heart – brain connect is a vital part of our health. Do hope this brings clarity about the heart – brain connection.

On this Aloha Friday let’s talk about March and marching forward with our lives, all be it in uncertain times that are bringing unprecendented change and challenge to people all over the globe.
The shifts and pivots people have made or need to make are critical in moving forward.
Is there a point in time in a life where one’s heart is convicted to say – enough is enough ~ time to move FWD! Each of us has a journey and are at different places, so that will be a differnt place for eah one of us.

Yes ~ Enough of the fear! AND being paralyzed by fear of _!! (fill in the blank for yourself!)
Enough of the naysayers and allowing the blamers and shamers and their mountains of manure being dumped on your land!

Enough of hiding your light – don’t you dare hide your light when the world needs so much more light and love.
Enough of dipping the toe in the water! Time to go with an ‘ALL IN’ life to march forward in March with great heart and courage.

Any of this sound familiar to you the reader?
Let’s be honest we have all felt a tinge of any one of the above in the past year of a pandemic that has gripped the globe. AND it is the brave souls that are emerging out of the dust of 2020 with a HEARTfelt passion to serve humanity and those in need, in the nearby landscape or afar.
It is comPASSION that is making a difference in lives every day as people across the globe come to terms with the SHIFTS!

Remember that fear is only ~ False Evidence Appearing Real!!

For the world so driven by instant and constant flow of news ~ good, bad and ugly!! Some often ask where is this all going to end up? While our social media platforms are a way to connect and get information out, I ask a couple of tough questions?
Are we at the tipping point of information overload with toxic news streams?

Is there a pandemic of being so virtually connected that we have forgotten to, or cannot connect, or do not know how to connect with our Creator? To gain peace and divine direction in our lives.
Is there a mass media pandemic to drive the mob of sheep (farm girl analogy) over the cliff as the masses are caught in the windstorm of the mass media mediocrity?
It takes a brave loving soul and traiblazer to stand up and say – STOP – Enough is enough!

It is ok to dream those big dreams, to dream of being a difference maker and make the SHIFTs so that one can move forward.For it is the way maker, miracle worker, light in the darkness that really facilitates the shifts and movement forward. All we need to do is to take the steps of faith.

Is there a new frontier with brave souls emerging to love and heal and restore hearts and souls with love and Aloha?

It has been a consistent learning curve. As our young resilience coach, Mr Kent says ~ ‘you know we learn something new every day!’
That reminds me to stay alert and open to the constant learning curve that life presents us in our daily lives.

It is okay to stand up and say ~ NOW is the NEW day and time to forge ahead in faith and let all that manure that has been dumped on your land, be the jet fuel that gets your jumbo jet dream and vision off the ground!
For people perish without a vision and we as a team, live to encourage and inspire people toward their positive vision of hope to believe all things are possible.
Be encouraged to stand up and courageously forge ahead in faith. All you need is a seed of faith the size of a mustard seed!

And do you know? A mustard seed is not much bigger than this full stop. That is not much faith needed to get going!
It has been that mustard seed of faith, love and hope that has kept growing and has been forged in the fire of advserity that has grown in us a resilient heart and faith to choose the positive vision of hope to forge ahead to believe all things are possible.

This poem from Hele Steiner Rice is a such an affirming word for this week:

Faith, hope and love, more priceless than gold,
For is you possess them you’ve riches untold,
For with faith to believe what your eyes cannot see
And hope to look forward to new joys to be
And love to transform the most commonplace
Into beauty and kindness and goodness and Grace,
There’s nothing too much to accomplish or do.

Helen Steiner Rice.

HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY – Find joy in the moments and blessings in the day on this Aloha Friday.

Warmest Aloha to you and your Ohana