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25 Sep 2020

Live from the depth of your heart

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It is being immersed in the Aloha spirit that has helped one to drill down deep into the depths of the human heart.

Living from the depth of the heart is about living whole heatedly as it is the healed heart that can help lead, guide and coach another heart toward a positive vision of hope and purpose and destiny.Take a look at this beginning of this chapter that may inspire you on this Aloha Friday.

Embrace the Aloha spirit of warm loving kindness on this Aloha Friday. Ble blessed as you open your heart to Live From the Depth of your Heart.

Live From the Depth of Your Heart ®

Life is for Living with Aloha

Where Am I Now? I am sitting on Luke’s surfboard on the water in the Keauhou Bay again, looking up toward the mountain. As the sky fills with a pink glow, the sun peeks over the mountain top to greet the day. Thisis my favorite place to worship my Creator with a grateful heart for His Grace. I love the ionic cleanse the water gives me and how it rejuvenates my heart and soul for another day, the ha breath of life it is for me. . .

Living from the heart is about using your heart to see, hear, feel smell, and touch the abundance we are blessed with daily. “Another beautiful day in paradise. Thank you Lord,” is how I like to start the day. Mahalo Keakua.

“Open the eyes of my heart Lord” and “Let your glory fall” is often what I sing while walking around during the day.

For it is really only the eyes of my heart that speaks to me, it gives me the unction to function in my spirit first, that guides my daily walk as I seek my orders from headquarters every morning. It is the heartbeat and the vibrational resonance that gives my day purpose and the significance of life to me and at this point in time.

That is how I would like to live my days out in my destiny—from the heart with each life experience. It is in the depths of our heart where grace and the laws of a secret kingdom and science all meet to bring an unexplained healing and oftentimes a miracle.