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23 Oct 2020

LIVE Aloha

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Live Aloha, or living with Aloha, what is that all about? It is about living from the depths of the HEART and with a spirit that lives to give and love.💓

It is about living from a place in your heart where there is an abundance to give others and our fellow human beings. As we live immersed in the Aloha spirit and share our being with people, and our aloha, or presence, we learn what it is to be truly present!!! 💓

Aloha inspires the best in others and chooses to love without any expectations or conditions. It is a warm gentle breeze in the spirit of a warm embrace, and the HA BREATH that gives LIFE to one’s spirit.💓

It is like the trees planted by a river whose roots reach deep into the water and grow tall and strong. If we allow the warm embrace of Aloha to reach deep into our HEART we will stand strong in the storms of life. Like one Hawaiian uncle said to me ‘be like the coconut tree whose roots go deep into the lava so the coconut tree can bend and move in the storm and not snap in the storm and after still stand strong! 💓

YES the storms in life shall come, learn to be like the coconut tree, and dance in the puddles as the sun too shall shine after the storms passes. 💓