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12 Jun 2020

Life is for Living with Aloha

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Beyond The Limit was first established in 1996 with the heart to take people Beyond The Limit on their learning journey and current life experience or situation; and inspire thinking out of the box. With a heart to inform, value and build with encouragement and coaching to ‘believe all things are possible’ an adult learning award was given.  By 2004 we had found our tagline … Life is for Living and in 2010 at our first retreat a team member suggested we add with aloha, so Life is for Living with Aloha was birthed.Aloha Friday’s is our coaching crew forging ahead in faith.

Why Aloha Friday you may ask? Well for more than a decade being immersed in the Aloha spirit has blessed us with such a warmth of heart being immersed in the beautiful Pacific region, the warm loving-kindness of Aloha is a healing balm. The strength of heart gained from the love so freely given and shared inspires such a joy for living. The essence of Aloha that literally breathes the “HA” breath of life back into a heart and soul is what we are celebrating here on our Aloha Friday’s.As one Hawaiian Kupuna (elder) said “It is God’s breath of life, a life lived with love” as she shared this with me it was expressed with such reverence and honour Alo-ha!. Isn’t that just beautiful?:  Our heart as a team is to share that beautiful expression and hope to inspire your heart with the “Ha” breath of life. Happy Aloha Friday!