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2 Jul 2020


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It is the Aloha spirit we fell in love with when we first visited Hawaii. That Aloha spirit has surrounded us and carried us through with a mana (power in the spirit) at times, like a fresh wind in our sails and a healing presence with us. Our very first time in Hawaii we stood on Waikiki beach in Honolulu and heard a beautiful horn sound (a conch shell). We watched as everyone in the area stopped to observe the Hawaiian man, with torch in hand, light several tiki torches along the beach path. People gazed toward the horizon.  I asked a man near me, “What’s happening?” Without hesitation he smiled and replied; “We are lighting the tiki torches and will watch the sunset to thank God for another day!”  

Oh, I thought to myself, ‘I love that, What a great way to live, thanking God for each day!’

Our sun set moments have now become a sacred part of our day. We stop whatever we are doing and enjoy the beautiful sunset and give thanks with gratitude for another day and the vista of color we get to enjoy.

That is all about the heart of life and how much we have to be grateful for, every day we are blessed to enjoy on this beautiful blue planet.  

And it has been many of these relaxed moments, we have got to enjoy a good laugh that has been like an elixir to a tired and weary soul we have had visit with us.

Yes LIFE is for LIVING, and that life is what we choose to make it. We are so grateful for the way of ALO ‘HA’ that has really given us such a fresh and joy filled BREATH of life. To laugh like no one is listening or watching, has relaxed our mind, and healed our soul. Laughter is such good medicine for the soul and now known to be a tremendous booster to the immune system.  Dr Francisco Contreres MD found:

“One bout of anger will diminish the efficiency of your immune system for 6 hours, while one good hearty laugh will increase the efficiency of your immune system for 24 hours.”Life is for Living with Aloha!  

On this Aloha Friday we would like to say Mahalo to Ms Tifani for your beautiful poem:


Upon closer examination of the Hawaiian word, ALOHA, we are able to truly understand its meaning and begin to incorporate it into our lives to live with ALOHA




One of the dear Kupuna and Aunties of Hawaii recently said on a promotional video for Hawaii –  “May the Aloha and warm joyous affection stay with you until we meet again.”