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1 Jan 2021


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WOW 2021 IS HERE ALREADY – Part 1  

After a year of unprecendented change and challenges with a global pandemic during 2020, it is time to step into 2021!

Perhaps it is the year to step into a whole New Era?

New Year and Jan 1, on the Gregorian calendar, is the opportunity for fresh new beginnings and a fresh new start and yet with a global pandemic still raging outside our homes and taking lives at a shocking rate, new is not perhaps what one wants to hear? Or is it?

It is certainly time to be reflective, mindful and grateful for the blessings we each enjoy and share here on this beautiful blue planet.  

As I awoke to the ever so beautiful sunrise over the Pacific Ocean on January 1, I was very reflective over the past decade and year: 2010 to 2020.

A decade of unprecendented change and shift, like I had not ever experienced before in a few decades of life. I am praying that the season of SHIFT and Change and transformation that resulted, and is still apparent, will glean some inspiration, hope and wisdom for you the readers.  

Perhaps – HOPE – fresh hope with an audacity to hope that this is THE year for a whole NEW ERA! That this is the “ALL Things are possible year!”  

Mid way through that last decade in 2015, we saw THE most miraculous gift and award to our creative of the family with an International Award being given for his ability to ‘live on and give on’ with his implantable ICD (Impalantable Cardiac Defibrillator)

His ability to bring joy and creative inspiration to children in the early childhood years to paint, create and enjoy Mr Clint’s art classes earned him recognition for his HEArt ART Therapy. Mr Clint as he became affectionately known, to the children in Hawaiian schools, began to forge a path ahead that added to his creative exploits as an artist and florist. It was a new way forward in 2015 for him and his team, reaching 1750 children with his art classes.  

Why is this story important to share for New Year and New Era inspiration? It took a season to grow the seed of this young artist into a whole New Era for him and his family.

It was some 7 years prior as we entered the Hawaiian culture and community that Mr Clint began as an artist, then with his art class in a very small way; as part of his younger brother’s recovery and home school program to bring joy and inspiration. It was then that the word got out and friends and neighbors soon asked to be included as a part of the art class adventure.

I am sharing all this to say – we do not know where that one small seed might go and while many are still in lock down and social distancing, it does not mean that all is lost. It was a small group of children on the lanai and lawns ourside the art studio where this seed began for the art classes. 

As many many people stay close to home and rebuild after 2020, perhaps now is the time to keep the home fires burning and to get our house in order and build for the future vision? Could this perhaps be the beginning of a whole New Era? With family first? With heartfelt business ideas and entrepeneurship that is gudied by morally grounded and heart felt intentions to reach one and teach one, being our fellow human beings who share this planet with us.  

That first art class grew a seed that inpsired resilient JOY in a young teenage boy to groups of teenage boys who came in off the football field to paint their tribal and beloved Hawaiian art on coconuts. To young women who looked beyond the limit of their circumstances and discovered a gift and hidden treasure of creativity. To children who despite their unique needs were included in summer prgorams in creative ways.  

Those first art classes on the lawns at Wikolia St, inspired SHIFT and change that in an unprecedented way and provided the most enormous blessing to so many. Miraculous moments of coaching and ability have appeared with inspired encouragement and creative art class opps.

That step of faith of a team member to make the application for the recognition awarded  and encouraged Mr Clint to go forward and forge ahead in faith, and establish his Creative art school on a property that served countless children and families for three years it bought HOPE!

What might that seed, that inspired thought or creative idea be for you the reader?  

How might one small step of faith to forge ahead with a dream of an inspired thought or idea be the beginning of a whole New Era for you?  

Perhaps first and foremost – peel back the cover of a journal and begin a gratitude list of what was most enjoyed over the past year and decade and be grateful for the lessons learned. Then perhaps begin to journal what your dream might be if your could go beyond the limit of your here and now!  

Start to write and just see where that forward motion and momentum can take you? What you write and journal may surprise you and may reveal some keys and hidden gifts of treaure within your heart.

THE greatest teacher and mentor to ever walk the planet said to his disciples all you need is a mustrard seed of faith!

That’s it a mustard seed – it’s tiny and grows into one of the greatest tallest trees. Be encouraged the mustard seed inspires not just steps of faith eventually leaps of faith come from small steps!  

What is your mustard seed of faith?

HOPE has the audacity to believe the impossible. So get started and part 2 of this New Year blog can help drill down deep to plant the seed in good fertile ground. Part 2 in next week Aloha Friday’s blog.  

Blessings to you and your Ohana or family for a wonderful, healthy and abundant New Year and New ERA!  

Hui Hou – Until we meet again – Stay HOPEful, as hope heals and restores and revives dreams!

Warmest Aloha and Blessings on this Aloha Friday – Happy Aloha Friday – on this frist Friday of the New Year

Sharing the Aloha is so vital to help heal our communities around the globe, as we all heal and grow in this New Year and New Era: 2021!