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5 Feb 2021

Imua with Aloha for the NEW Era!

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As we step into February, I am stunned as we blink a month of the year gone already! WOW Aloha 2021 is here so is the new era  

Yes throughout our January blogs we have spoken about the New Year and the NEW Era and at times that is a lot to digest.

Stepping into the new is challenging and exciting for some and downright scarey for others!

If 2020 did one thing for us as human beings it forced us to pause and reflect to deal with change we had no control over! And perhaps finally retreat to recharge, recover and make a SHIFT so that restoration would come to our lives our families our heart and soul.  

We are all wired differently according to our DNA and the wiring woven into us by our Creator.

If we can lean into the challenges and SHIFT with a lean into the changes in our life with hope filled anticiaption it will bring a whole new perspective to daily challenges. What a refreshing break that will be for many of us~!  

I remember so well; 31 years ago as we embarked upon a life, with challenges we had no idea how to handle, I did so evey morning with my maker first thing at the break of dawn (and still do). We had just returned to our little home on the land and had a 2 year old boy, Clint, fresh out of intensive care, who we believed would walk and talk and see again. Today he is a living, walking talking miracle and it has been one incredible and miraculous journey. (You can read his story in ‘Be not afraid, only believe’

Today, as I still begin the day, in that quiet time with my maker, HE leads and guildes my every step and movement forward to Imua, and I am so so grateful for the immersion in the Aloha spirit for close to a couple of decades now. It is the way of Aloha that I believe could well have been my maker’s plan to save me from myself. I reflect on the the conversations and hilarious moments as I learned to lean into the truly authentic way of Aloha from from my Ohana on the big island of Hawai’i.

To slow down and appreciate the beauty of the island and island breeze as the light of the heavens so often shed the light of Aloha and love into my heart and spirit. to operate in Hawaiian time, as Kent so often reminds me, ‘you cannot hurry a Hawaiian’.  

Phew what a journey the last 3 decades in particular have presented. So FULL and exciting and challenging and beautiful, and now joy filled with a Shalom peace that passes all my understanding of how we have been able to continue to move forward in life. 

I say that tongue in cheek as I really know that the only reason we have enjoyed such beautiful blessings over the past 3 decades is by the Grace of God and His transforming miraculous hand upon our lives.   

As I mentioned last week at the end of our blog we will bring some Hawaiian words for the Hawaiian language to the reader every week in our blog. Our title of the blog “Imua with Aloha for the New ERA” is really apt for February as it is a month where the reality of the New year has set in; and it is now ‘rubber has to the road’ to achieve that we hope and plan to establish.

Imua is a word I have heard used in Hawaii often as a word meaning ‘to move forward’. So it is time for us to move forward with Aloha; it is about moving forward with that warmth and love that is the aloha way for so many in the islands and across the globe who have experienced the beautiful spirit of Aloha.  

Recently, I have often been asked ~ “So what is it that you do?” I find that an interesting question, as I am more about the being part of life nowadays, and 2 decades down the track, I acknowledge when we first arrived in Hawaii to live I was a ‘do, do, do’ kinda girl, very busy with doing what needed to be done in life to keep the boat afloat, – be it biz, family life, community service or whatever I needed to do!  I was a super multi tasker and pretty motivated and still am ~ to do what needs to be done to get the job done for the task at hand. And yet with a peaceful resolve about being present with those i encounter daily in life, with a tenacity to come through in the spirit of Aloha and to Imua.

And yet that question asked consistently over the past 11-13 months has had me define, refine and re boot as needed.  

Is that what we all need to do for the NEW Era we step into for 2021? I ask this to cause some time for one to reflect as only each and every individual heart knows that answer for their own life at hand. What is it that we want to be remembered for and what is the legacy we are leaving?  

So what is it that we do? And what is it the last 30 years have produced in our lives? Beyond The Limit, an international outreach, with a mission to BE a difference maker one person at a time, one familyat a time, one community at a time.


We are in the biz of helping ppl rise to the challenge with transformational and healing coaching and retreats from our testimonial evidence based education that can bring to people who are recovering from trauma to the heart and brain to experience a resilient joy filled life.  

Please come join us online at some of our up and coming events via zoom and in other creative ways we have planned.  

Take a look at our Hawaiian words for this Aloha Friday Blog and HAPPY Aloha Friday to you and your Ohana  

Imua ~ To move forward Ohana ~ Family