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2 Oct 2020


Heart matters? Oh heart matters really do matter?

Yes – they do matter as giving with all the heart and the best of intentions is a good start in any moment in life.

And no matter what if the matters of the heart are not sincere and addressed the real motives do eventually show up!  

Oh so deep and confusing – not really if embraced with Aloha and an understanding that the eyes of our heart are how we are often moved to live, and sometimes without us even being aware.  

It is the song I used to sing “Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord” that was deeply written in my heart when I first became aware of the Aloha Spirit. And it is the eyes of my heart that I’ve learned to see the way of Aloha and embrace the way of the Creators touch on life and the walk of faith.  

Being immersed in the Aloha spirit has given me back the HA breath of life. I felt like I had been holding my breath for many years trying to hold it all together. AHA then I learned that the sweet surrender to the REST of the Aloha Spirit and way of Aloha, that has restored my soul so all is well with my soul. Learning to walk in the spirit an essential key of this journey of my heart. Alo-HA has helped my eyes to see, hear, feel touch and smell and the fragrance of Heaven. It is that fragrance that has helped me embrace faith adventures as we forge ahead by faith by Grace. Or as we say in Hawaii to IMUA

A loha welcome and I share all my heart with you

L oko maka’i means what I say comes from my heart I have good intentions

O lu’olu means happy happy doing for others a Hawaiian way passed down

H a’aha’a means humility and meekness we are happy to serve and bless with love

A loha means love near or afar you are always and forever in our hearts.

Happy Aloha Friday – ENJOY Ohana (familly) on this Aloha Friday. Perhaps listen to the beautiful iconic song on You Tube “Aloha Oe” written by Queen Lilliuokalani when she was touched by seeing the fond embrace of her niece as a young princess. A beautiful song I love to sing as I awaken my heart to the fond embrace of the Aloha spirit.

Blessings with warm Aloha for your day