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“Creativity is a healing force. We are all able to paint, and to see how the creativity everyone has is unique and can bring joy, and peace and healing confidence to the heart, soul and mind. I live each day to give joy to others through my ‘Happy Flowers’ paintings and art class. My extra life means that I can help others to find their gift.” – Mr. Clint


Art is a freedom of expression. It builds hope, confidence and pride. Art encourages creativity, positive self-esteem and self-worth. Art encourages limitless potential, creativity and imagination. Art is a healing powerful, fearless force.


Art has no flaw and is limitless. The freedom to express yourself without limitation, judgement or criticism is an empowering example of how art can help change the way individuals think, behave and inspire to be.


Art allows individuals to speak without words allowing for a more open and effective method of communication. It can be a vital outlet for individuals who may not feel they had a voice among others otherwise.


Art enables us to find ourselves. It has the power to transform and illuminate, educate and motivate. Art opens us to a world of limitless possibilities and our individual abilities. Art proves all things are possible if you dare to think it, dream it, and let it be.

Art Heals what the Soul Feels

“My passion for art has led me to be an advocate for youth and for people with disabilities, to give them every opportunity to discover their gift and strength. I love to lead art classes with Beyond the Limit Consultancy, doing the “Created to be Creative” curriculum that was, in part, inspired by my life story. “By passing on the skills I have learned, I feel I can positively inspire “Heart-Brain” connections in these kids, including the development of creativity. Art gives us a lifelong developmental skill, a combination of creative and solution-based thinking that is vital in today’s world.”

Art by Mr. Clint

Mr. Clint currently has 3 canvas paintings available to take home. If you would like to make a gift-in-kind donation for any one of his original pieces.