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19 Jun 2020


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The way of Aloha and the rhythms of the Aloha spirit can add life to to your days and days to your life! Life is for living with Aloha …

As weary hearts and souls enter the warmth of the tropical trade winds of Hawaii and discover the Alo’HA’ breath of life it can lift the spirit and strengthen the heart and soul.
It is the warm loving kindness of the unhurried Hawaiian that is life giving and healing to the heart and soul: Reviving life with a youthful rejuvenation!

On Aloha Friday we aim to share the Alo’HA’ and inspire creativity as people imagine in their mind being transported to these beautiful islands in the middle of the Pacific Rim. The picture one can be inspired to create and meditate upon, brings BREATH and relief from daily rigors.
The Hawaiians come from A Royal Sovereign Nation who value life not in terms of things, but in terms of the Royal Hawaiian heritage and the genealogy and connection to their land. A people indigenous to their land fiercely protect the land (aina) from over delvelopment.

The late Samuel Crowningburg-Amalu, part Hawaiian newspaper columnist staes:
“There’s a special pride to being Hawaiian. The Hawaiians were not a middle class society when Western man came. They were an arisitocracy and placed value on things, not in terms of possessions but in terms of genealogy.” (sourced from ‘Hawaii, A Special Limited Edition’ 1992, APA Publications (HK) LTD Printed by Hofer Press Pty Ltd. Hofer, Leuras, Chung, Ronck, Fujii)

The book also states on being Hawaiian:
“…It’s a subtle thing this Hawaiianness, something aboriginal and abstract beyond the fondness of Palu and Poi, Outrigger Canoe Racing and quiet, communal respect for the works, and belief systems of the people of old.”

The Sovereign Hawaii, has a heritage of Queens that have laid a deep foundation in the hearts of the people and in the land. A foundation of values and respect, honor, and a heart to share the Aloha with the world. Queen Lilliouakalani stating in her writings that one day the world would need Aloha!

“The akamai (smart, clever, intelligence) of Queen Lili’uokalani and her heart for women, children and her beloved Hawai’i inspires me today.
In her writings stated, “There would come a time when the world would look to Hawai’i for healing” I do believe we are at that place today. This inspiration has added light to the flame of the torch I carry to share the light and love in my heert amd to share Aloha with the people I encounter. To shed the love abroad that comes from Above gives life that is for living and joy and love to be a blessing to people.”
(From the book “Only Believe, Live From THe Heart” Beyond The Limit Consulting, 2005 Tricia Caughey 2015).

At a time when the world needs more ‘love sweet love’ I believe that the Queen would smile upon her people as they share Aloha with the world. Perhaps 2020 is the foundation and NEW ERA for a whole new way of being? Perhaps to just ‘BE’ and enjoy the “HA” breath of life and the simiplicity and beauty of each day we are blessed to enjoy on this beautiful blue planet.

Happy Aloha Friday!