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Created to be Creative

Creativity is a healing force.

This curriculum outline was presented at the University of Hawaii 2011 Pacific Rim conference by Trish and Clint Doyle. The abstract for the conference itinerary stated…

“The new millennium presents opportunities for dynamic and creative approaches to learning and developing a life of living for ‘all’ people beyond the limit. This  presentation provides solutions that are creative and sustainable.

We are Created to ‘be Creative‘ and in doing so our gifts and abilities shine as strengths in a life of influential and positive impact in a society and global community looking for answers.

Created To be Creative

The life of Clint Doyle, a young Australian artist and florist who lives daily overcoming a life threatening heart condition always brings joy and color to lives daily. His story and intellectual challenges in no way hinder him. His life is a living example of how thinking out of the box can break new ground in education, community and business. He and his team are trail blazers who have tested heart to make historic leaps forward for’ all’ people to inspire an all embracing inclusive community for society.

Inspired by the big island beauty he as painted with Wyland (world renowned artist), further evidence of transformation across all levels of community.  This life journey is astounding and inspiring.

Recently described as a young man who is. “Immensely talented and brilliantly gifted, with remarkably unique art. His stunning creativity is in no way hindered by his challenges”