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16 Oct 2020

Aloha Friday

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So what is this Aloha Friday blSo what is this Aloha Friday blog really about we have been asked? Really …..

it is about the heart of what Aloha Friday is, to bring as a blessing, mana to other people’s Hearts and souls πŸ’“ AND For our team it is about bringing the palpable HEART felt mana, or power in the spirit, to the HEART and soul of a person’s day and life. Recently at our heartstater refreshing break we were blessed and honored to share our mana’o, that is our thoughts, ideas, knowledge and our HEARTfelt experiences, of what a blessing the Aloha Friday day has been to us and our team.

It’s palpable JOY from the heart of Aloha, and LOVE shared with warm loving acts of kindness, is what resonates deep in one’s heart and soul. The JOY of Hawaiian music to heal and be shared in kanikapila style at sunset with the simplicity of that joyful hearfelt connection. Kanikapila is a style of Hawaiian music produced in an impromptu jam session, most commonly taking place at a beach or family gathering.

And in some cases as we have experienced at a hospital bedside bringing a healing JOY to people.πŸ’“It is that ‘HA’ BREATH of life shared in the AloHA that is our Aloha Friday focus