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29 Jan 2021

ALIGNMENT and SHIFT for the NEW Era of this New Year!

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In welcoming in the New year 2021 I do believe the circumstances and situations around the globe are ushering in a SHIFT, a beautiful and miraculous wind SHIFT that is about to usher in a message from another world and place.

Might it be that the stage is being set for a little more of on earth as it is in Heaven?

Or might the culture of Heaven be on its way with the wind SHIFTS experienced in 2020? And still occuring in 2021 …..

I believe we are living in a beauitful breakthrough season where Heaven’s culture is coming to earth.

As Heaven touches earth I believe in 2021 that ‘Maybe we will be Amazed’ at the wonder awe and supernatural moments we will see unfold in lives that choose to focus on the blessings.

I have already seen how with a book about the supernatural moments in Heaven a different perspective and culture has been intorduced to hearts that are hungry for HOPE and blessings.

The kind of blessings that come from a supernatural realm and bring with them a SHIFT in the the atmoshpere.

The blessings and the miraculous are beautifiers that constantly and consistently interrupt our timelines and agendas in life.

We have certainly seen that on many occasions.

WOW – That is just what happened in 2020~!

Are we alert to, and able to see, hear, smell and touch the Fragrance of Heaven?

The fragrance is the sweet aroma of love and warm loving kindness felt in the HEART with the warm Aloha being shared.

I have literally seen that presence and atmoshpere SHIFT and turn hearts at the end of 2020 and over a seven a season as a love and light entered the atmoshpere to bring a SHIFT that healed and restored.

Are we alert to the beautiful break of dawn right before the bright glorious sunrise? Or do we need to open our ears, eyes and hearts to the beauty and wonder of the Supernatural Creator and the love language oa ALL creation surrounding us.

Can we hear the singing of the birds in the morning and the silent stillness of the mountain breeze as if wafts around our face?

Perhaps listen, smell and see that there is much to enjoy and be aware and alert to the gentle SHIFTs and nuances that might be usheinrg in new dimensions.

Impossible situations turning around with the beauty of the Creator bringing supernatural SHIFT.

These are not ordinary times ~ we are living in extraordinary times and I do believe we will see an extraordinary SHIFT this year.

A massive SHIFT of wonder and amazing grace and Glory as Heaven’s culture comes to earth.

What is Heaven’s culture – It is miraculous extraordinarily outstanding moments that gain momentum to bring SHIFT into believers lives.

The SHIFT comes with an abundance to flourish in every way – in relationships, health and vitality to breathe a fresh ‘HA’ or Aloha breath of life upon you and your family or Ohana.

After perhaps a long wait in 2020 and somewhat maybe bumpy start to 2021, Let a few lines from the Queen’s Prayer give us a fresh start to shift our hearts toward the Heavens and see the light of the Heavens become a lighthouse of HOPE for our days and way forward in 2021:

”  ‘O kou aloha no     –     Your loving mercy

    Aia l ka lani          –     Is as high as Heaven

    A ‘o kou oia’l’o      –     And your truth

    Ma lalo o kou ‘eheu –   Protect us beneath your wings

    Ko makou maluhia –    And let peace be our portion “

These are only a few lines from the Queens Prayer I do believe she wrote while under house arrest. Queen Lilli’oukalani one of the greatest examples in history of peaceful reconicliation, she wrote this as a prayer while her captors held her under house arrest.

I read it often when I am in need of keeping my focus positive as I move forward with every intention to make all things pono! And what does that mean you might ask? I believe in making all things pono, is making right with all those in our lives, so we can move forward with peace and grace.

The prayer in it’s entireity we will share next week on our Feb 5th Blog.

Along with the meaning of Hawaiian words and how so often the depth and breadth of a Hawaiian word explains a situation much better than one word spoken in English. Not being aware of how often we engage the Hawaiian words in our daily conversations, we have a heart (for bring0, or to bring the Hawaiian words of significance to the reader so as one reads the blogs there is a greater appreciation of the depth and meaning of the the Hawaiian words and language we share.

For example, speaking of Ohana and family interchangeably is often in our writings and conversations.